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Beyond the Box: The Hidden Benefits of Container Storage

More than just a big box. Shipping container storage is the ultimate deluxe-size storage option. Shipping container storage is an extra-large solution that’s perfect for both business and household uses. This is Wilson’s Storage’s guide to container storage, exploring the benefits and where to find it. 

Benefits for Businesses

Business Inventory Control: 

A dedicated container can be a lifesaver for e-commerce businesses with fluctuating stock levels. Instead of scrambling for extra space or paying high premiums for warehousing, a container offers scalable storage that can expand and contract as needed.

Construction and Trades:

You can never have too many tools, but you can have too many in the house. Storage containers provide a centralised location for your tools to be housed, allowing for ease of access and more efficient tool management. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to having a space that is close to a current project or job.

Event Storage: 

Seasonal materials or event materials can take up a lot of space. Clients can store bulky decorations, staging elements, signage, costumes, and more within weatherproof containers, ensuring their gear is readily accessible when the next season arrives.

Archival Storage: 

Shipping containers provide a secure and adaptable solution for archival storage. Their robust steel construction offers protection against deterioration and misplacing, crucial for preserving sensitive documents, photographs, or artefacts. 

Benefits for Households


Home improvement projects can be chaotic. With a secure container conveniently located on your property, you gain valuable workspace while safeguarding your belongings. Temporarily store furniture, appliances, and boxes in the container, providing easy retrieval when needed as the renovation progresses.  This on-site storage solution protects your items from the inevitable dust, paint spills, and potential mishaps as you renovate.

Hobby and Sports Equipment: 

This is the mobile adventurer’s workshop. An organised container makes a designated home for bulky bicycles, kayaks, camping gear, or DIY workshop tools.  Reclaim your garage space and keep your equipment in good condition for years.

Accessibility and Drive-up Containers

Easy Loading and Unloading: 

Drive-up access is a game-changer for storing furniture, appliances, or heavy boxes. This benefit is particularly significant for seniors or those who might have difficulty carrying items long distances.


Wide load coming through? Container storage eliminates the need to navigate interior storage facility hallways. It’s especially valuable for retrieving items frequently or if you need a temporary workspace for a project.


Construction and design: 

The heavy-duty doors and structure deter break-ins.

Lock options: 

Advanced locking mechanisms for added protection.

Monitoring options: 

You need a secure storage facility with even more secure container storage when storing high-value items, either business or personal. Wilson Storage has 24/7 surveillance and CCTV footage in our storage facilities. 

Where to find Container Storage?

You can find container storage right here with us at Wilson Storage, with many locations across Victoria and New South Wales. Flexible, secure, and above good customer service is what we’re about, with monthly and yearly terms available. Wilson Storage offers a wide variety of storage options from 1 bedroom apartment-sized storage units right through to container storage. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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