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Moving to Williamstown? Here’s Why You Should Consider It

Williamstown is the great axis point between the urban sprawl of Melbourne and its coastline. Being this close to this beach doesn’t mean forsaking what the city offers. Whether you’re considering the move to Williamstown or not, you will be after this article. We love Williamstown and here’s why you should consider it as a place for your new home.

Real Estate:

Williamstown is a sought-after beachside suburb with a mix of historic and contemporary homes, with an average rental price of $700 per week and an average home value of $1.6 million.  The suburb is known for its well-preserved Victorian-era homes. With waterfront views of the city skyline and Port Phillip Bay, it’s no secret why Williamstown is worth the move. 

For those interested in moving into the area, there are several real estate agencies including the locally based Sweeney Estate Agents.


A truly beachside schooling experience. Williamstown offers a range of educational institutions. Williamstown High School is one of the top public secondary schools in the area.

There are several primary schools including Williamstown Primary School and St. Mary’s Primary School. Bayside P-12 College is also another notable institution catering to a broader age range.

Local Services:

Williamstown is a very well-serviced suburb for those looking to move there.

Medical needs are well looked after here. The Clinic Williamstown is a long-running medical practice in the suburb, where the aspect of community in community health is very clear. Williamstown Hospital provides emergency and surgical services also. 

In the case of a move, Wilson Storage Williamstown is a state-of-the-art storage facility that might just come as essential temporary storage space when moving into your Williamstown home. Vehicle and Boat storage is also a major service, which doesn’t go a miss in this popular beachside suburb.

For those looking to service their business or even start up a new business, Wilson offers flexible office space with a view, making it a prime location for a prime deal. A workplace by the water is sure to inspire.

Things to do:

Williamstown is one of Melbourne’s best city beaches. Visited frequently by holidayers, there’s plenty to do. Visit the Williamstown Botanic Gardens for botanical splendour by the sea. Explore the classic Newport Railway Museum, whose display includes the largest collection of steam locomotives of the former Victorian Railway.

Then when you’ve tantilised your interest in pioneer history, discover the Seaworks Maritime Museum. More than just a museum, this great place is a culture house, regularly featuring live events and festivals like food and wine, live music, artisan markets and even a Celtic heritage celebration. A venue of rolling festivities that a local would be lucky to enjoy.

Explore the historic waterfront and seaport with guided heritage walking tours, free of charge, organised by the Hobson Bay Council. Bookings are essential.

Williamstown is in close proximity to the Scienceworks, Melbourne’s ever-evolving interactive science and technology museum.

Let’s not forget the pearl of the area, Williamstown Beach. With views of the city in the distance and picturesque boats floating in the water, it’s hardly a sight you’d hardly get sick of.

Places to eat:

Beachside living doesn’t mean forgoing Melbourne’s culinary prowess. Williamstown is a restauranteers delight, with places that reward being local. Served on the shoreline as it should, The Kiosk d’Asporto serves Italian street food and gelato by the sea. A nice little alternative to chiko rolls and pies. 

Hobson’s Bay Hotel is guaranteed to become your regular and you’ll be welcomed with open arms. Balancing refined and casual, this renovated gem is sure to be a welcome addition to your new neighbourhood.

Good views call for good coffee. That’s why Crimson Bear is sure to be your new go-to coffee shop. Seaside living encourages a lifestyle-oriented way of living, and this cute hole-in-the-wall cafe is sure to go hand in hand with its extensive range of healthy food options. 

There’s no need to go to the city for date nights. Refined eating, if the occasion permits, is fully available in Williamstown. Sebastian is San Sebastian in the Southern Hemisphere, offering the food and wine culture of coastal Spain, with the ocean in full view. This large diner is also a casual bar. Like all things in Williamstown, here you can live life at whatever speed you like.

Casual is more than a lifestyle here: it’s a way of life. Moving to Williamstown is clearly desirable. The real compelling reason to move here is that is clearly possible. And why not move here, with a great assortment of local services, real estate, schools, places to eat and drink, and things to do. With Wilson Storage Williamstown helping along the way, your moving logistics are already sorted, from temporary storage, van hire and moving solutions. Time to start that beachside way of life. 

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